You Too Have ABS!!

Everyone would love to have great ABS... I mean I have never heard someone say "I don't really want my ABS to show." We have all heard the quote "ABS are born in the kitchen..." which has a point... but here is a lot more to showing off your beautiful ABS!!

Most people find it easier to lose fat through a decrease in calories... an increase the volume of their workout... and intensity!! Most people believe that if they complete some minor cardio exercises that their ABS are going to pop through right away... this couldn't be further from the truth.

It comes back to the my example of the Marathon runner Vs. the Sprinter!! Looking at the bodies of both athletes... obviously the Marathon athlete is getting much more "cardio" then the Sprinter... right?? But the real question is which Athlete has the better ABS??

The High Intensity of the sprinter's training not only gives him/her a greater and even more effective cardio workout then the distance runner... it also burns more FAT and reduces body fat quicker and more effectively than the distance runner! All you have to do is look at both body types and determine with one looks healthier and is in better shape. Now I am not saying distance runners aren't in great shape... but the muscularity and definition of a conditioned sprinter always surpasses that of a conditioned distance runner!!

Diet is also a huge aspect to showing off your ABS!! As I always say "Everybody has a great set of ABS... they are just hiding!"

I have put clients through programs that were strictly diet related and no exercise program was assigned just yet. Some of my clients shows signs of their ABS coming through just by eating a clean and healthy diet. But of course as soon as their workout program started they saw results immediately!!

So if you are still struggling to show off those ABS every summer, but never quite get to that comfort level. Clean up your diet and increase the intensity of your workouts... especially cardio... and see your results unfold right in front of you!!

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