Why Drinking Lemon and Ginger in Warm Water Multiple Times a Day Is Good for Your Immune System.

When you’re sick, it’s tempting to reach for the pharmaceutical solutions. But there are many natural remedies that have been proven to help in fighting off illness, including lemon and ginger. A study in the Journal of Applied Nutrition found that drinking a glass of warm water with lemon and ginger in the morning could reduce your risk of catching a cold by up to 50%.

Here are some ways this drink can benefit your immune system.

The benefits of ginger and lemon

This beverage is a natural way to fight off the effects of a cold. Drinking warm water first thing in the morning can also help you maintain your body's temperature balance. When you're sick, it's easy for your body to overheat. Drinking this drink first thing can

keep your temperature at an optimal level.

Drinking water with lemon and ginger also has other health benefits for your immune system. It helps boost your metabolism which improves digestion and gives you more energy throughout the day. It also helps reduce inflammation in your body, which could be the cause of some illnesses like asthma or osteoarthritis.

Hydration is incredibly important when you're sick so adding lemons and ginger to these drinks will provide some vitamin C that will help ward off illness as well as replace lost fluids that come with sickness.

So, next time you're feeling under the weather, try drinking this for some quick relief!

How to make your own ginger and lemon drink

Sickness is no fun, but that doesn't mean you have to rely on pharmaceutical solutions.

Fortunately, there are many natural remedies that can help you fight off illness.

Making your own ginger and lemon drink couldn't be easier! Just heat some water until it's hot but not boiling, then add a few slices of fresh ginger root and squeeze in half a juice from a freshly-squeezed lemon. Let it sit for a few minutes before drinking.

The longer the drink sits, the more potent it becomes. You can even allow it to simmer overnight for the strongest benefits—a simple solution for fighting off sickness!

What is the best time to drink this?

The study found that drinking the lemon-ginger beverage in the morning helped. It is believed that when you drink it, your body's natural response to the stimuli is to produce more white blood cells, which are an important part of your immune system. If you're sick, drinking this beverage in the morning will give you a boost in energy and immunity.


What better way to get a boost of energy and a healthier immune system than a hot ginger and lemon drink?

It's easy to make and will give you health benefits throughout the day!!


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