Try one of these Ancient Remedies

I always find it funny when people realize all the health and healing benefits they get from the foods they eat. There are so many health benefits from natural foods... that have been around for centuries. Not only do the benefits come from nutrients but also from the great use of antimicrobials that are found in fruits and vegetables.

With so many different types of healing remedies out there, it can be hard to know where to start... Here is a great chart showing the benefits of the most common remedies you can get at any grocery store... and I added a few more of their benefits below!

Alfalfa: Great for hay fever and sinus problems

Aloe: Great for sunburns... aids in skin repair

Aspen: Helps with Colds and Antibiotics

Sage: Helps with congestion and asthma

Chamomile: Helps with upset stomach and insomnia

Blackberries: Helps with allergies and colds

Cayenne: Helps with sinus problems, reduces fever and inflammation

Echinacea: Great for colds and the flu

Ginger Root: Great for colds and sinus problems... increasing circulation.

Beeswax: Natural Moisturizer, Softens skin and lips

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