Stew... One of the most Nutrition Rich Meals

Stew I've always been one of my favorite comfort foods of all time. I remember coming inside from a cold Midwest winter and smelling a big pot of stew throughout the house!!

Stew's history can be traced back thousands and thousands of years if not longer. Stew used to be a staple among everybody's diet. Ancient tribes would take the proteins that were caught that day and mix it in with all the earthy vegetables they had available!!

Stew was always slow cooked for hours to ensure the longevity of all the nutrients in this amazing meal. After a few hours the tribe would enjoy some of the healthiest food around. Even today Stew is one of the healthiest meals you can make!!

Make Stew a weekly meal for your family. Introducing this Protein and Veggie rich meal to your family's diet will ensure your family a nutrient dense perfect meal!!