Protect Your Heart from Stress

If you’re looking for a healthy snacking which will also protects

your Heart at the same time... Walnuts are a great choice!!

There is no denying the sweet, pleasant flavor of Walnuts.

Walnuts can be a tasty snack for in-between meals or as part of a

salad or dessert.

I remember reading about a study about feeding a group of people

Walnuts and Walnut Oil to see if it would affect the person's stress


They would stress the patients out and take their blood pressure as

a reading for how stressed they were. I thought this was funny and

weird and the same time... LOL!! I think they made them give a speech

for one of the stresses and submerged one foot in cold water...

something like that... for the second one!

... and of course the group taking the Walnuts and Walnut Oil had lower

readings! I still think it is a weird study to figure out if Walnuts are good

for you!

I couldn't find the exact article I read about the study... but I did find another

article on what seems to be the same study I read about years ago! Here is the

link the the article on WebMD.

We should always be eating foods high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids...

especially Organic Raw Walnuts!! Foods rich in Omega-3 Fatty

Acids help protect your Heart and reduces levels of LDL.. also know

as "Bad Cholesterol"

To Your Health & Fitness


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