Pick Exotic Fruits for your Family

Use exotic fruit to spike your family's interest in fruits and veggies!! Let each member of your family pick out an Exotic Fruit each week.

When I was younger and first met my wife... Everytime we went to the grocery store I will try to find the strangest or most ugliest fruit I could. I would put this fruit... or veggie... into our shopping cart and see if my wife would notice it before we got to the check out!!

I would say about 95% of the time she would see it... laugh about it… and end up putting it away. But once and a while I would get one past her and we would end up taking home some type of fruit or veggies that we both have never tried before.

Over the years we ended up eating so many different fruits and vegetables that we would've never tried. This will be a great little tradition to start with your family that would help to eat more fruits and vegetables!!

Have Fun!