Offer Your Family Fruits & Veggies as Snacks

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Snacks are a way for people to grab comfort foods. We generally grab for snacks that is easy, fast and comforting! The more of these foods you grab as a snack... the more bad habits you created!!

Throughout most everyone's workday we get stress, frustrated and just need a break. Since we already have this feeling of stress we will naturally reach for snack that give us comfort!! These tend to be high carb, high sugar and extremely processed foods!!

Offer Your Family Fruits & Veggies as Snacks

One of the easiest ways to get your Family to eat more Fruits & Veggies is to add other ingredients they enjoy. For example we make homemade Hummus the kids and the whole family will dip carrots, celery, tomatoes and a variety of other veggies to enjoy with their Hummus.

Homemade sour cream or some other type of dipping sauce that your family enjoys is also another great way to get your Family to eat more Veggies.

What works best in my house... and I imagine will work in most homes with kids... is using melted Dark Chocolate. Dark Chocolate seems to work best with Fruits since they are already sweet my kids don't mind the taste of the Dark Chocolate... they have actually grown to enjoy it!!

With all that being said the best way to eat more Fruits and Veggies is to always have them around for your Family to snack on. If healthy food is always there to enjoy... then people will enjoy it.

Think about it... if you stop buying junk food for you Family to eat... their chances of eating unhealthy drops dramatically! Most people Snack because the food is right there in front of them... if its not there... they won't eat it... MAKES SENSE... RIGHT!!!