How To Reclaim Your Butt When It Has Gone South

Sometimes in life, our butts run away from us. It happens to the best of us. We get older and don't keep up with our toning exercises, or we eat one too many Twinkies and end up with an unsculptured "trunk." However, you don't need to worry if your glutes have taken a trip to the South or wandered to the East and West. These are some tips to reclaim it starting today:

Avoid Sitting for Too Long

One of the quickest ways to lose your rear end is to sit on it for too many hours. People with office jobs have the biggest problem because they have to sit for at least eight hours a day. Unfortunately, the muscles can take the shape of an office chair if you're neglecting your workout and sitting flat. One way to work around that is to ensure that you take a break every 90 minutes. Stand up and walk around your office for three minutes, or step to the side and do 10 squats. You can also squeeze your butt muscles while you're sitting in the chair whenever you think about it.

Eat More Protein-Rich Foods

All of your muscles need protein to get stronger. Thus, you need to determine how much daily protein is necessary for someone your age and weight. Then, you must add additional protein to it so that your muscles can get stronger. You can find an online chart or calculator and enter your information to get an idea of what you'll need. The only thing left to do from there is to fuel up every day. Protein drinks, beans, meats, tuna, and avocados can do the trick for you.

Get Involved in a Glute-Based Workout Program

You'll definitely need to involve yourself in a workout program if you want to bring your glutes to glory. You can focus on them solely if your main concern is tightening them up to look good in your jeans. Exercises such as squats, glute bridges, lunges, and step-ups, are all excellent for putting more muscle behind you. You might even choose to get on a stair-stepper or rowing machine, as they can help you build your butt muscles as well. You can find a wealth of machines that can help you train your butt muscles to perk up. Don't be discouraged by how it looks now, because you'll likely see improvement within weeks.

Consider Hiring a Fitness Coach

Lastly, a fitness coach can be a tremendous asset in your journey. This person can guide you on the best exercises for glute shaping and overall fitness. He or she will be an advocate who wants to assist you in becoming your best self. You can schedule a consultation and meet the provider to see if the two of you can work together.

Don't let aging, poor dietary choices, or office work win. Reclaim your butt now by getting involved in some of the activities mentioned above. You'll look in the mirror and impress yourself with your backside very soon.

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