How NOT to get SICK!!

Generally speaking when the weather is cold and we do not have the windows open on a sizzling 29 degree day, it is time to take some time out and relax!

Yes I know, the heat is exhausting... LOL... but allow yourself to relax a little. I often tell myself "if I can't take care of myself how can I take care of my family and clients?" The amount of stress on the immune system can be decreased if the mind is focused on something pleasant and peaceful. Many of us like to use meditation... take long walks... listen to music... to help us destress!!

Just being outside and getting into the sun makes a huge difference in your health and increases your vitamin D levels which improve your immune system!! I never understood those who didn't wanna go outside because I didn't want to get to dark?? Just never made any sense to me whatsoever... but I guess "to each their own"??

Also taking her healthy supplements like elderberry syrup, apple cider vinegar and eating your leafy greens will make a dramatic difference in the way your immune system functions and how you will feel on a day-to-day basis!!

As always if you need any help with your health or your fitness needs... do not hesitate to contact us over here@ArqFit.Com!!


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