Here is the Quick Workout you asked for!!

We have all been there... planning a great workout for later in the day... and then the time comes!! We procrastinate for hours as the clock ticks away and we end up missing our workout!! I have been getting emails almost daily asking for quick workouts... or programs... which I generally don't like to do... or the lack of long term results!!

But we have decided to join with a few other awesome trainers that are in the same boat! So we are going to start including smaller programs on our website... I am going to try and put up a new program every month. You will be able to get the programs individually and we are also going to incorporate a monthly program... where you will have access to all the programs and will automatically get the new ones every month!!

In the meantime if you are looking for a quick workout amongst your busy day... try this one out for size!!

This fun workout allows you to do it two different ways. The first way is to do one set of each of the six exercises... rest for one full minute and then repeat. Keep following this pattern until you have completed four total rounds!!

The second option is for those of you that are limited on time. Let's say you only have 10 minutes to workout. Set your stopwatch and perform all these exercises with no more than 30 seconds rest between exercises. The main difference to doing it this way is to NOT include the minute rest once you have gotten through all six exercises. Your rest will come in between each exercise... remember to NOT take more the a 30 second break between each one!! You will keep repeating this until the 10 minutes is up... or whatever time you have available to get this quick and effective workout in!!

We will keep you posted on when the new programs will be available!! Enjoy the workout and don't forget to write us back and let us know how it went!!

To your Health & Fitness


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