Healing with Herbs

Herbs have been used since the beginning of time to heal all our health issues. Traditional cultures around the world have used herbs to heal, cure, and prevent diseases. It is not surprising because nature always heals... every health issue can be healed naturally with herbs.

Check out these amazing herbs that help reduce anxiety:

Valerian: Helps with anxiety, panic attacks and sleeping issues... such as insomnia.

Saffron: Works excellent in cases of Insomnia and addiction!

St. John's Wort: Used for decades as an anxiety reducer... also holds properties that reduce depression!!

Kava Kava: Has very strong relaxing properties. Used for many reasons including... migraines & ADHD.

Essential Oils that will help prevent Asthma Attacks:

Eucalyptus: Great for colds or anytime you feel like something is coming on... also great for inflammation.

Ginger: Excellent for its strong anti-inflammatory properties!!

Lobelia: Used for centuries as a relaxant agent!

Lavender: Lavender has a great history of relaxing nerves... relaxing and soothing the body to aid in healing!

Here are three more great Infographics to check out! Check out ArqFit's Social media to get daily updates on Health & Fitness!!

These 6 herbs are great for healing any scarring on the skin... or just overall skin health. Remember your skin is the largest organ of the body... take care of it!!

Below are 5 herbs that help recover from Anemia. All of the herbs below are excellent for recovering from Anemia and have been proven effective for years!!

Below are my favorite herbs... the Natural Painkillers!! I have been using these since I was a kid for myself and for my clients. All of these are excellent for athletes and should be used on a regular basis!!

Check them out below and add them to your diet to help you reduce pain from workouts or pain in general!!

With all these great herbs nature has given us to help us heal and cure our aliments. Don't pass these up just because someone is trying to push chemicals and medication on you to make a profit. Use what nature has given you... it is there for a reason!!

To Your Health & Fitness.


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