Dried Fruit for Snacking

Dried Fruit makes an excellent snack anytime of the day! Add

some Yogurt Covered Raisins to your kids lunch... or leave trail

mix in the kitchen for everyone to snack on!!

When you are at home you are going to look for snacks and

food to munch on throughout the day. When we're not at home we'll

buy food to take with us... so we can munch on them throughout the


Make the conscious decision to only buy healthy snacks like dried fruit

and trail mix. Replace all the junk food and candy that most people

buy to snack on throughout the day with Dried Fruit.

I challenge everyone who reads this to write down everything you eat for

a week straight... be honest with yourself!! Now replace all the junk food

and snacks... you know you shouldn't be eating... with Dried Fruit!

You will feel the difference within the first few days!!