Butter vs. Margarine

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

I remember when I was a kid and we always used to have a lot of butter in the house.  Butter has always been a staple in all humans since the beginning of time.

If it Cow or Goat... or even Sheep's Milk!  People have been using Butter for it beneficial health benefits for centuries!!  I mean we have found tablets with instructions on how to make Butter dating as far back as 2,500 BCE!!

AND THEN.... Here it comes as always!!  The Food Industry came up with its own replacement for Butter... the famous "Margarine"

Just look at the ingredients... This is the most ridiculous comparison that I have ever seen!!  I can't even pronounce more then half the ingredients in Margarine... Sounds like a tub of chemicals!!

So the question is... "Why did people buy it for so many years?"  

Well when a company can make something out of cheap chemicals and make it look and taste kind of the same as butter... and of course if they find people stupid enough to buy it... they will make it!! Now it is one thing to blame the company that makes this disgusting tub of chemicals.  But who is truly to blame?  The Moron who goes out and buys this crap and then says... "It is the same thing... I mean it taste the same... and its cheaper!!"  

That Moron is the idiot that keeps these kinds of products on our shelves!!  Don't be that Guy... or Girl :)

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