Box Breathing - Gain Control - Lose Fear/Stress

What is Box breathing? You may have heard it mentioned before... it's a simple, yet very effective breathing technique. The basis of it is breathing in... holding your breath for a designated amount of time... breathing back out... holding your breath again... and repeating!!

To learn the technique of Box breathing, first sit down on a comfortable chair. Place your hands on your knees... breathe in through your nose... hold for 4-5 seconds... breathe back out for 4-5 seconds... hold your breath for 4-5 seconds... repeat... do this several times in a row, several times per day!! Check out he diagram below for instructions!!

Box breathing can be difficult to do at first. You may find it hard to breathe deeply at first. This is normal... people who do not practice box breathing regularly may experience a shallow breathing or even gasp when they breathe. New breathing habits are formed quickly under these circumstances. Just take it easy -- remember that it's only for a short time

When you use boxed breathing to relieve anxiety you will find that you feel calm and also relaxed. Some people use box breathing as a part of a guided meditation, and find that it reduces the lapses of their attention and concentration. It can also help them to become more in tuned, relaxed, and calm.

I was privileged to learn about this technique from some Navy Seals I had the pleasure of training a few years back... definitely some of the toughest athletes I have ever worked with!!

The Navy Seals told me that they were taught to use this technique when they are in situations that they cannot control. They were taught that breathe is something that you can control... so when you feel "stressed" or "overwhelmed" to revert to "Box Breathing" to calm yourself down and reassess the situation!!

Try it out and let me know how it works for you!!

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