Boost Your Memory with Food!!

We all know that food is Medicine... but did you know that foods can also boost our memory!! We've put together this article to tell you about the five best memory boosting foods that will help boost your memory! These five foods will make sure that you remember events, important dates, and names at a higher rate. With these five options we're confident in saying that no brain power is wasted on remembering what happened just before dinner!

The 5 Best Memory Boosting Foods:

5. Avocados: Avocados are one of the most overlooked fruits out there. We tend to think of them more as a side dish, but they actually have a lot of great nutrition packed in them. Avocados contain fats that are high in oleic acid and omega-3 fatty acids that all work together to help maintain a healthy heart and also help boost your memory!! They also contain antioxidants which protect our skin from the sun and will keep us looking young!

4. Green Tea: This is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and with good reason! Green Tea is full of antioxidants that are known to boost your brainpower. These antioxidants help to lower your risk of Alzheimer's disease, Dementia, and also reduce the risk of heart problems. The caffeine that is found in green tea will also give you a little boost in energy, which can be useful since it may help you meet your daily goals. The anti-inflammatory properties also help to keep our cells healthy and make sure that they don't age!!

3. Blueberries: Blueberries are known to contain powerful antioxidants such as Anthocyanins that can help reduce the risk of cancer, keep our skin looking young, and help with memory loss in the elderly. They also contain a little dose of vitamin A, which is good for the brain and will boost your memory. These berries are also a great way to get all of those essential nutrients your body needs daily.

2. Dark Chocolate: This is the best way to go for anyone who doesn't like eating too many sweets! Dark chocolate contains antioxidants, flavonoids, and potassium which all happen to be good for your heart and give you more energy. Flavonoids can also help lower cholesterol and reduce blood pressure in your body, making them even healthier! The potassium can help boost your memory, regulate our nervous system, as well as maintain blood pressure levels while boosting brain function!

1. Apples: Apples are one of the most popular fruits out there, which would be why adding them into your diet can add a little extra bump to your memory. The reason why apples are so good for our memory is because they contain antioxidants, which helps with stunting aging and disease within our bodies. Apples are known to contain very high levels of pectin, an antioxidant that reduces the effects of oxidative stress and helps maintain healthy blood vessels. Apples also hold the power to reduce certain cancers in our body!!!

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