Ahh... Avocados!!

Who doesn't love a ripe delicious Avocado?? Well guess what... here are some more reasons to start eating more Avocados!!

Not only are Avocados a great addition to any meal... check out the benefits from eating just one Avocado a day!!

Avocados are rich in Oleic Acid... the VERY HEALTHY FAT!! They are also rich in Lutein... an antioxidant that supports your eye health!! All of these amazing nutrients also help lower cholesterol and does wonders for our skin!! Not only do Avocados help heal skin issues but also keep your skin glowing and healthy!!

Another benefit of being high in amino acids and oils is the positive effect Avocados has on your joints. Avocados have been used for years to relieve arthritis and joint pain. I always recommend athletes to add Avocados to their meals as much as possible to enhance recover in their joints and muscles!!

Add Avocados to your diet and start feeling the benefits!!


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