Add Fruit to Your Family's Favorite Desserts

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Instead of the usual sugary highly processed desserts... try something new and fresh for your family's treats!! Take a scoop of clean Organic Ice Cream.. the least ingredients the best of course... and add some of your family's favorite fruits!!

Add Fruit to Your Family's Favorite Desserts

What I have found to work best is to have a large selections of Fruits available and let your kids... and other family members... make their own desserts.

We will usually get Organic Vanilla Ice Cream... and have about 5-10 different fruit toppers for the kids to choose from. Everything from Blueberries... Strawberries... Bananas... you name it... anything that will go well with Ice Cream!!

Another great way to add to this healthy treat is to melt some Dark Chocolate and pour it over the ice cream for an even taster treat! Don't forget to read about the health benefits of Dark Chocolate from one of our previous post!! (Lose Your Stress in Chocolate)

Have fun with your kids and these healthier dessert options!!

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