A Calorie is not A Calorie

The true meaning of the word "Calorie" is: "Heat output of the fuel output

of the food."

Over the past three decades we have used the word "Calorie" as a label for

everything related to food. In fact, we use it when it has no relevance.

To keep this post short, I am going to focus on a conversation I had earlier this

year. It was with someone who has been a self-proclaimed "yo yo" dieter... also a

close personal friend of one of my clients... For this post I will call her "Jane".

Organic foods are Vital to Health

Recently Jane was in town and saw how great my client looked. Both women started

at the same weight... and are both around the same height and age... perfect subjects

for this experiment!!

Lets call my client "Lisa". I started working with Lisa the same time Jane started with a

trainer/nutritionist in her city. I have Lisa on a completely natural diet with only Organic

ingredients. We are also tracking everything and using correct food combinations... which

I will get into at a different time!

It is important to note that Jane's nutritionist doesn't follow my rules as far as eating!! He

essentially does what 99% of the nutritionist and "diet experts" do. They are basically just

calculators and count all calories the same!!

Your mainstream nutritionist just counts calories... not even taking into account where the

calorie is coming from. Even if that calorie is coming from a fat, protein, or carbohydrate.

This flawed system is why Jane lack's the results that Lisa has had working with ArqFit.Com

Running on the Beach

We started this experiment in January... lets jump ahead to mid March!

So far Lisa (my client) is at 125 lbs... and Jane is at 142 lbs. So Lisa lost

25 pounds when Jane lost 8 pounds. Both have positive results... but in

all honesty Lisa is so much happier and you can see the change in her life.

Jane... on the other hand... is already starting to feel frustrated. This is a huge

issue with everyone who is trying to lose weight. Most people try and lose weight

the wrong way and fail... everytime!!! She is already worried about gaining the

weight back... this shouldn't even be in her mindset right now!!

There are millions of people that do exactly what Jane has done for her entire life...

lose a few pounds... plateau... quit and gain all their weight back... usually with

an extra 10 pounds!!

I always hear people say "It's just so hard to get motivated". Motivation is not what

they are missing.. what they are missing is the truth behind your diet. "A Calorie

is NOT a Calorie!!"

Baked Salmon with Veggies

Just take a look at both of

these meals. Both of them

are around 200-220 calories


But do you think both

of these are healthy for you...

do you think both will give your

body the same type of nutrition??

After eating this great Salmon meal

you will feel energetic and "Clean".

What is "Clean"? You know that light

healthy feeling you get after eat a

balanced healthy meal!!


How do you think you are going to feel after eating some Pizza? Most likely you will fall into "Food Coma"... LOL!

You know that feeling when you have eaten something unhealthy and all you want to do is take a nap!

If you do take a nap you end up feeling even worse than before you fell asleep!!

The reason for Jane's poor results is because her... and her nutritionist... don't understand the understanding of "De-Natured" Foods. We have all been so programmed by food companies and weight loss programs... only to be controlled by what we read on a label! Which has caused our country to become extremely overweight and unhealthy!!

The human body is not a perfect laboratory beaker that perfectly burns whatever fuel we put into it!! Our bodies are full of hormones and enzymes that process everything we put into it differently and uniquely depending on the food, health and fitness of the person.

To your Health & Fitness


Lookout for "A Calorie is not a Calorie - Part 2" to find out what is happening with Lisa and Jane!! And let's talk more about "De-Natured" Foods!!

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