Day One

What better way to KICK OFF day ONE of our 12 Days of FITMAS Challenge, then with a PLANK!! It’s day ONE - so we have just 1 exercise today. A 60 second PLANK hold!  


Just make sure you have Perfect plank form. 


  • Shoulders, elbows and wrists are in line - stacked on top of each other.

  • Eye gaze is just ahead of your hands.

  • Core is braced with hips tucked under.

  • Focus on EVERY muscle in your body engaged and tight!!


Put on some music that pumps you up - this will help distract you.  60 seconds may seem like a LONG time in a plank!!  Music helps :)


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Day 2

Fitmas-Day - 2 (Instagram Post).png

How was day ONE yesterday? The great news is that you’re going to have quite a few more planks over the next 11 days, lol! So you’ll get lots of practice. Each day we start with another 60 second plank. You’re welcome :).


Each day, I give you a new move, and you will add it to the last day’s workout. So today, on day 2, we have 2 moves:


  1. Plank

  2. Jumping Jacks


For the jumping jacks, the key is your feet and arms move together in synchronicity. They start IN together; they go out together, then they come back in together.


You control your speed in this move. You can take your time, or you can move with POWER and speed. Up to you. You’ve got 60 seconds.  


Plank and jacks.  60 seconds each with 30 seconds break between.

Repeat 1-3 times... depending on your fitness level.

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Day 3

Welcome to day three - by now you’ve figured out the routine I’m sure.  Today you’ll do the 2 moves from day 2 - then add on your new move.  Excited to find out what it is?  


  1. Plank

  2. Jumping jacks

  3. Squats


Yup - it’s SQUAT day!  Get your 60 seconds of plank and jumping jacks done... take 30 seconds rest between... then it’s time to SQUAT!


Let’s talk SQUAT form - Basically, it’s like you’re sitting down in a chair, then standing back up again.


The KEY with squats is to ensure your butt is going back. Your knees will bend and we want them to track towards your toes. And keep your chest lifted through the whole move.  


You’ve got 60 seconds of squats - take your time in your reps and really master the form. 


As usual - you’re welcome to repeat today’s moves 1-3 times (depending on your fitness level and available time).

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Day 4

Fitmas-day4 (Instagram Post).png

4 exercises today!! The routine is getting longer :) 


Welcome to day 4!


60 seconds each - 30 seconds rest between:

Plank … Jumping Jacks … Squat … Plank  Walk-Ups


Today’s new move is the Plank Walk-Ups. Basically you start in a high plank (yup - you’ve been mastering this form already!)… then you lower into a low plank on your forearms. As soon as you get there, you press back up into high plank - pulling your hands back under your shoulders.  


Keep moving from high to low and back to high plank for 60 seconds!!  

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Day 5

Welcome to day FIVE :)


Your new move that you’ll be added to today is the GLUTE BRIDGE! On your back with your knees bent, squeeze your butt and lift your hips UP. Then really focus on RESISTING GRAVITY back down. Don’t just drop, instead resist down.

So your full workout today … 60 seconds each / 30 seconds rest:

Plank … Jumping Jacks … Squat … High-Low Plank … Glute Bridges

Keep it up!


Day 6

Fitmas-Day - 6 (Instagram Post).png

Day 6... 6 exercises to complete!!

Today we add the LUNGE!


Lunges work multiple BIG muscle groups - and because of it, they burn a million calories!  


Here’s my biggest tip with lunges - stand on RAILROAD TRACKS. Why? Which is easier to balance on? A tightrope or railroad tracks? 


Make sure you stand with your feet about hip width apart to help with balance. Then - step back into a nice deep lunge. Focus on bending from the back knee (this tip helps to keep the pressure OFF your front knee).  Keep your body centered between your legs.  


You’ve got 60 seconds. Don’t rush your reps. Take the time you need to get your form right, and just keep moving through those lunges.  

Day 7

It’s the 1 week mark - welcome to day 7!!  If you’ve been doing your daily workouts, you’re building consistency and that is so important!  If you’ve missed a couple days - no stress.  Just get right back to where you left off and keep going!!


For day 7 - Today we CRUNCH.


For our crunches, I like to keep my hands out in front, reaching forward - rather than the typical on head.  I find this puts more of the work into the core!  That’s where we want it.  Keep your chin tucked to your chest, feel pressing your tummy IN and your lower back on the ground.  


Take a giant exhale and lift those shoulder blades UP off the ground, reaching forward.  Then slowly lower back down.  Don’t just drop - keep the core working and slowly lower - 1 vertebrae at a time.


Add your 60 seconds of crunches onto yesterday's workout.  Take 30 second breaks between each move - and have fun with it.

Fitmas-Day-7 (Instagram Post).png

Day 8

Fitmas-Day-8 (Instagram Post).png

Today’s exercise is the MOUNTAIN CLIMBER.  


Start first with perfect plank form. You’ve been doing so great working on your planks each day so far. Be sure in your climbers to keep your eye gaze ahead of your hands. If you watch your feet, your hips will go up. Keep them down :)


To climb - just pull 1 knee in towards your chest, step back to plank, then pull the other knee in. You control your pace. You can run it - or you can step it. You’ve got 60 seconds!!!

Day 9

Day 9 already!! 


Today’s workout - Side Lunges!!

These are very effective in toning up your legs. They give such a great stretch to the inner thighs, while toning up those thighs!!

Take a big step out to the side bending the leg you stepped out on - the other leg stays straight. Keep both feet facing forward, and flat on the floor. As with all squats & lunges, knees should track towards your toes but never past.. and keep your chest lifted through the move. Pull back into the center, then lunge to the other side.


Are you keeping track of the full workout? We’re now 9 exercises in. They all are:

Plank … Jumping jacks … Squats … High-low plank … Glute bridges … Reverse Lunges … Crunches … Mountain climbers … Side Lunges

Fitmas-day9 (Instagram Post).png

Day 10

Fitmas-Day-10 (Instagram Post).png

The final countdown to Christmas is here!  We’re in our last 3 days of our FITMAS Challenge.  I truly hope all these FIT TIPS and workouts have been helping you stay on track with your goals - and you’ve been enjoying this little bit of fun in your days :)


And the FUN continues today with Triceps Dips!

The key with the dips is to ensure the movement is coming from your elbows bending and using your arms to squeeze back up - and NOT from your hips going down and up. Put the work in your arms.  Squeeze into those triceps - you’re going to love 60 seconds of dips!


Day 11

Today’s exercise is the Side Plank Opener. I LOVE this one - Core, shoulders, butt, balance, stability, control. We’re working on it all.  


Start off in a low plank with your arms stacked horizontally across. Rotate your body and open up into a side plank - reaching for the ceiling. Hold strong in that side plank - like your body is between 2 panes of glass, so you have to be perfectly perpendicular to the floor. With control, roll back down to plank, and the rotate to the other side into another side plank. Hold it strong for a moment before rolling back through.  


Move slowly and with control - and hold that side plank each time for a second or 2 to really feel it! Modification is to have your knees down and just straighten out the top leg as you hit that side plank.  60 seconds - break as needed.  Add it onto yesterday’s workout. 

Fitmas-Day-11 (Instagram Post).png

Day 12

Fitmas-Day-12 (Instagram Post).png

I had to bring them out at least once through this challenge - and today is the day. It’s our LAST day of the 12 Days of FITMAS - and today we BURPEE!!  

Burpees really can be fun! There are a million variations to the burpee, but in its simplest form, a burpee has 4 parts: Squat. Plank. Back to Squat. Then Stand up.


You can jump through the moves - or step through, to change.  To intensify - you can add a push up at the bottom and a jump up top. Just keep moving - down and up. At your own pace - for how long?? Oh right - 60 seconds!! Add your last move on to yesterday’s workout.